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The Flu Jab: Do You Or Don't You?

The Flu Jab: Do You Or Don't You?

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Flu season is upon us to the background noise of coughing and sniffling. One of the many joys of this cold, dank time of year. But, what if one jab could provide you with immunity from getting sick this winter, would you take it?

That is the question thousands of people will be asking themselves, so here is brief overview of what the flu vaccine is and who it is for.

What is it?

Vaccination against influenza began in the 1930s and a new version of the vaccine is developed twice a year due to rapid changes in the virus. The symptoms of flu includes; high fever, achy muscles and extreme fatigue. This has a short-term debilitating effect on anyone, however most normally healthy adults will make a full recovery in the region of one to two weeks.

For the elderly, young children and those with health complications, however, flu can be a far more serious matter and in some extreme cases fatal. These people fall into the high risk category and are offered the flu jab as routine procedure.

Those who fall outside of these brackets are able to pay to receive the vaccine, which is available at most pharmacies and costs anywhere between £7 and £15.

Should I get it?

The decision of whether or not to get the flu vaccine, when you are not considered to be at high risk, is a personal choice. Contracting this nasty virus can really knock you back, rendering you unable to work and do most things at the peak of suffering.

That said, there is an argument that the flu jab is pretty pointless, given the vast scope of potential strains that could hit at any given time. The best advice is to speak with your GP, who can advise you in regards to your current health status and whether or not it is worthwhile.

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