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The Festival of Winter Walks: How to Get Involved

The Festival of Winter Walks: How to Get Involved

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Winter walks over the Christmas period are a fantastic way to refresh the senses after long periods spent indoors. Clear your mind and revitalise your body amidst the madness that is the festive season with a wintery walk in the countryside.

The Ramblers’ Festival of Winter Walks, which runs from Friday 21 December to Sunday 6 January 2018, is an event dedicated to encouraging people to embrace the cold and get outside to experience nature's winter wonderland.

If there aren't any events near you, then here are some DIY ways to enjoy winter landscapes by foot.

National Trust Walks

Source: National Trust Killerton House Devon

The National Trust is a well loved and trusted source of information and inspiration regarding the Loads of different walking trail activities, pubs and places to stop guided talks and nature walks

Find your own trail

Find your own trail with the help of special apps, or some good old fashioned exploring. Ensure to take heed of any signs, close gates properly behind you and leave nothing but footprints wherever you go. Also, dress appropriate for winter weather at this time of year and always take a phone, some water and something nutritious to keep you going on longer trails.

A weekend away

If you are a city dweller, or in need of a break, then why not plan a night or two away somewhere that's surrounded by nature. Take the time to explore walks in the area and soak up the mystical, of winter. National Parks provide the perfect opportunity to experience nature in all of its raw and untouched beauty.

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