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The Artist That Draws Cartoons Based on Mental Health Issues

The Artist That Draws Cartoons Based on Mental Health Issues

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Suffer from, or know of someone that suffers from mental health issues? You, or the person you know that does, should be pointed in the direction of Gemma Correll's site. Gemma is 'a writer, illustrator, cartoonist and all-round small person' of whom has written a few books, including 'A Pug’s Guide to Etiquette (Dog N Bone 2013) The Feminist Activity Book (Seal Press 2015) and The Worrier’s Guide to Life (Andrews McMeel 2015).'

Her straight-forward illustrations, almost like memes, hit the nail on the head when it comes to capturing what it's like to be someone that suffers from anxiety. Here's just a few of them below: 

Worrier Pose
Worrier Pose By Gemma Correll - But should I get chips for dinner???
Mental health
Mental Health America By Gemma Correll - From the Mental Illness Feels Like campaign for Mental Health America.
Anxietea By Gemma Correll - For BBC Body Positive.
Yoga worrying
100 Reasons To Panic About Yoga By Gemma Correll
Imposter Syndrome By Gemma Correll - The Imposter Syndrome is real y'all.

If you enjoy Gemma's designs and would like to support her mental health awareness campaign and brand, then have a browse through her online store to see if there's anything you'd like to purchase! We're appreciating the 'Emotional Baggage' bag, seen below.

Emotional Baggage
Emotional Baggage Tote Bag By Gemma Correll.

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