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The 5 Best Reading Apps For Your Daily Commute

The 5 Best Reading Apps For Your Daily Commute

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When you count up the number of idle hours you spend sitting on your daily commutes, it probably adds up to a number that's quite traumatising. Especially to productivity addicts. In day to day life there a few things more irritating than finding yourself sitting on a commute without anything to preoccupy you, beyond staring out the window, avoiding eye-contact with other passengers and browsing social media on your phone. It'd be more fulfilling for you to apply this time to reading all the books you've been wanting to read, whether for work or pleasure.

You've probably already heard of Kindle - it's one of the most popular reading apps out there at the moment, so instead of boring you by pushing you towards the familiar, here's some insight into alternative apps, that each have unique features to offer.

1. Audible

iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle, Desktop

Audible has a selection of 150,000+ titles on the free app for on-the-go, to make every moment of your commute an interesting one. At just £7.99 a month, you get one free audiobook and a discount on others. What's more is that you can swap any book that doesn't grip you at any time, free of charge.

2. Pocket

iOS, Android, Kindle, Desktop

This app is amazing, and it's about to transform your life. If you're anything like me and find yourself coming across multiple articles that captivate you on a day to day basis, but can't possibly read them all at once, then this is the app for you. Pocket allows you to save articles from different site's to read at another time, whether online or offline. Whenever you come across an article that you don't have time read straight away, head to or the Pocket app.

3. Librify

iPad only

If e-reading and networking are your things, the digital book club app, Librify, will be perfect for you. At merely £6.99 per month, you gain one book, and that's for keepers, from Librify's hand-selected list which includes emerging authors, book club favourites and 100 bestsellers. This is in addition to reduced rates on the complete catalogue of over a million titles. Sweet, right? Even better, is that when you ask friends to read the same book as you, you can see all of their activity. This includes their comments, highlights and reading progress.

4. Entitle

iOS, Android, Kindle, Desktop

Book apps that allow you to rent apps, but rent them only, can be somewhat frustrating for those of us that like returning to our favourite reads again and again. This app allows you to select any two books from a popular library of 200,000 for just £9.99 a month. You can read it on so many platforms too, including Sony Reader, the native Entitle app, your Nook, Kobo, and more. The optional night mode is pretty great too for all the night-owls out there.

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