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The 4 Best Essential Oils That Work as a Natural Bug Repellent

The 4 Best Essential Oils That Work as a Natural Bug Repellent

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It's getting to that time of year when the creepy-crawlies begin to buzz and creep there way into places where they are not wanted, including our homes. While it maybe tempting to go to the supermarket and find the most toxic substance available to destroy the little pests, here are some kinder, natural repellents that will get them scurrying for the door.

1. Lemon eucalyptus essential oil

Following picaridin and DEET (synthetic compounds that are recommended by the World Healthy Organization for defence against diseases born from mosquito's), the EWG highly-recommends the essential oil of eucalyptus lemon. 

Works against: Ticks and mosquitoes, except sand-flies or “no-see-ums.” It also evaporates far slower than many essential oils and typically lasts for seven hours. PMD is one of the only plant-based repellents advocated for use in disease-endemic locations by CDC.

2. Citronella essential oil

Obtained from the stems and leaves of lemongrass, Citronella creates the compounds citronellal, geraniol, and eitronellol, which are used in most candles, soaps and perfumes.

It is effective against: Flying insects and mosquitoes. If using it by itself, ensure that you reapply every half an hour. Make sure you're aware that it's a skin sensitizer, meaning that it can cause allergic reactions if used alone on bare skin.

3. Catnip essential oil

Extracted from the catnip plant, catnip oil was discovered in a 2001 study to keep away mosquitoes more effectively than DEET. Nevertheless, since this is just one study, the results should be looked at with caution.

The oil is effective against: Ticks, mosquitoes, and prospectively other flying insects.

4. Neem essential oil

Numerous studies demonstrate that neem can support you in being protected against mosquito bites. During the late 90's, Indian researchers discovered that kerosene lamps with one percent neem oil minimised bites on volunteers that were sat in a room overnight.

Effective against: Flying insects and mosquitoes. It's perhaps most effective when it's combined with carrier oil and put onto the skin. It's not quite as effective in certain sprays. Make sure to re-apply frequently.

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