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The 2019 Lunar Triple Whammy: How to harness the energy of a supermoon

The 2019 Lunar Triple Whammy: How to harness the energy of a supermoon

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Astrologically speaking, the year has got off to a rip-roaring start. On January 21, we awoke to the rare spectacle of a Super Blood Wolf Moon, plus a total lunar eclipse, which peaked at 5.12am, proceeding to slowly ebb away again revealing the foreboding rusty, red orb.

Now in February, we await the biggest supermoon of the year, due to come into full effect on the eve of the 19th. Then on March 21, we will witness the third installment of this lunar triple whammy and the last supermoon to grace our skies in 2019.

The moon's immense energy during these precious astronomical events present us with an opportunity to recharge our emotional power-packs and take stock of where we are.

Here are some ways you can channel the electrifying power of a supermoon directly into your life.

Direct contact

Try to go outside, preferably somewhere in nature, where you can stare up at the moon and receive the full effects of its lunar rays. Obviously, clear night skies are not always guaranteed, but even if you cannot see the moon, it is still present and it's energy still flows all around. Gazing at the moon in it's entirety is truly mesmerising, the aura of mystical energy it omits is tangible and you feel a deep connection to a heritage that you may not have knowledge of, but still resides within you.

Taking the time to walk in nature on the evening that the lunar queen reigns supreme can be a wise option because she has the power to unearth emotions and deep-seated desires shadowy depths you never knew existed. It seems that while she is baring her soul to us on earth, we feel inclined to do the same. Full moons are not the time for initiating emotionally charged conversations, or engaging in activities that could easily spiral out of control. Ask anyone who looks after animals, or is on duty as a police officer on the night of a full moon and see what they have to say about its 'crazying' effect.

Reflect don't act

A full moon and especially a supermoon, will shine a light directly into your soul where things can no longer lurk in the shadows. It's a time for thoughtful reflection, for turning inward to realise that which no longer serves you. Set intentions for the coming month and use the waning and the waxing of the moon as a marker for your progress. New moon energy is about doing, while the full moon calls for rumination; a chance to pause a second and gain fresh perspective using lunar illumination.

Take time for you

The beauty of a full moon is that you know exactly when it is going to happen, so can make prior preparations for how you wish to honour its presence. Personally, I like to use crystals, card readings and meditate; all of which allow for powerful reflection, boosted by the added insight of a full moon.

I find it beneficial to lay bare all that is normally locked up in emotionally storage and to examine the contents. Most of it will go back, but in a slightly different order, while some things are left out for recycling. Other people may choose to bake cakes, soak in a salt bath or conduct a woman's circle. It's up to the individual, but the activity should always be conducive of a solo venture inwards.

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