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Tea For Two: Teapots You Need In Your Home

Tea For Two: Teapots You Need In Your Home

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Tea has to be one of life's most precious commodities. All over the world and in every culture, there is some tradition of tea drinking. Here in good old Blighty, we are also massive tea heads, with a slight obsession for the humble teapot. These round, dumpy, spouted porcelain pieces come in a myriad of different designs and colour schemes.

Take a look at our favourites here...

The Classic

Price & Kensington Brights 6 Cup Teapot, Teal Blue

For those who like to keep things simple, yet classy, this is the pot for you. Beautiful design, gorgeous colour and no fancy schmancy nonsense to distract from what is already perfectly good enough. Now stop dillydallying and stick the kettle on.

The Alice in Wonderland

Victoria and Albert V&A “Alice in Wonderland” Mini Teapot

Have yourself a mad hatters tea party with this pot, or push the boat out and get the whole set on Amazon. Including; cups, cake stand, sugar bowl and spoons! You'd be mad not to want this.

The Work Of Art

Leonardo Collection Blue Strawberry Thief William Morris China

William Morris' art is one of the most recognisable and intricately beautiful patterns there is. Why not combine two long-held traditions of British culture with this delightful teapot.

The One To Watch

Teabloom Glass Teapot & Glass Infuser Set

Sit back and watch your tea unfold before your very eyes! This is how the elite enjoy their tea. Just imagine this on a designer glass coffee table, as Gywenth Paltro and co relax after yoga. You know you want to buy this.

The Girls Like Star Wars Too

Joy Toy "R2-D2 Teapot

R2-D2 as a teapot is some kind of genius. This really is a statement piece and won't fail in getting the conversation off to a great start!

The Oh So Pretty One

Lesser & Pavey Kilburn Blossom Teapot

Just delightful to look at and one that will bring a touch of floral sophistication to your crockery cupboard.

The Tea For One

Sass and Belle Metallic Monochrome Tea Time

While sipping tea is wonderfully sociable, it is also something to be enjoyed alone. This rather adorable, and completely spot-on, 'Teatime is MEtime' pot, will make your daily ritual just that bit more enjoyable.

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