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Syria War: The Online Activists That Are Creating Conspiracy Theories

Syria War: The Online Activists That Are Creating Conspiracy Theories

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Sarah Abdallah
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In Syria, the investigation into an apparent chemical attack continues, and there'e one group of hugely influential online activists that are preoccupies with spreading their own perception of events.

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Inspectors (OPCW) are trying to access the priorly rebel-held town of Douma, wherein rescue workers and medical organisations say that President Bashar al-Assad's forces unleashed bombs that contain toxic chemicals in a 7th April attack that took the lives of over 40 individuals.

The government of Syria and it's integral ally, Russia, state that this was a staged incident. Though the UK, France and the US of whom support the opposition to Mr Assad - say they're confident that chlorine and prospectively a nerve agent were utilised. 

In spite of the uncertainty concerning what exactly occurred in Douma, a selection of high-prominence social media activists are certain that they know what took place on the 7th April.

Gripping onto a theory that has been floated around by Russian officials and media outlets owned by the state, they have been asserting how the attacks had been "staged" or were a "false flag" operation, utilised by spies or jihadist groups in order to place blame on the government of Assad and give a justification for intervention by the West.

The group contains activists and individuals that refer to themselves as "independent journalists". It is evident that several of these obtain followings on Twitter that reach into the tens or hundreds of thousands.

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