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Syria Air Strikes: Theresa May Is Questioned By MP's

Syria Air Strikes: Theresa May Is Questioned By MP's

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Theresa May

Soon to be questioned is Theresa May about her choice to allow the air strikes against the Syrian government.

Parties in opposition have said that MP's should be consulted befor the UK joins up with France and the US in bombing three sites in Syria, which formed the response to the perceived chemical attack on the town of Douma.

According to Labour, its advice has suggested that the military strikes were illegal.

Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, has promised that MP's would be given "abundant time" to have a say.

Seeking to force a vote on the issue is The Scottish National Party, which argues that Theresa May's choice to allow UK involvement in air strikes without prior parliamentary approval was a "disgrace".

Areas near to Homs and Damascus were struck on Saturday in response to the apparent 7th April chemical attack.

Both Russia, which provides military support to the Syrian government, and Syria, which denies their utilization of chemicals, have reacted angrily to the move.

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