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Sweet Dreams: Top Tips For Getting A Good Night's Sleep

Sweet Dreams: Top Tips For Getting A Good Night's Sleep

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Sleep deprivation is a serious matter and one that is often undermined with our crazy schedules and digital dependency. Scientific research has linked lack of sleep to a multitude of conditions; including depression, obesity and Alzheimer's. Therefore, it's worth waking up to the fact that if you're not getting good z's; then you're not just getting tired, you're actually harming your health.

Many of us fall into bad habits with our bedtime routines, so let's have a few fresh ideas up our sleeves for a full night's rest.

Aromatherapy. Nature's pantry really does have all the answers. Lavender is probably the most renowned herb for relaxing properties. There are many methods for incorporating this soothing aroma into your bedtime routine; for example pillow mists, massage oils and aromatherapy diffusers which will fill your boudoir with the heavenly scent of soothing lavender.

Don't let the bed bugs bite! To literally prevent this happening, then you must create an environment where there numbers are curbed as much as is possible. These microscopic beasties will always be present (sorry) but you can significantly improve your quality of sleep by improving your sleep hygiene. Make sure to wash your sheets at least every two weeks and reduce allergens by thoroughly hoovering the area around your bed.

Create a sleep haven. Naturally the environment that you sleep in will reflect the quality of your night's rest. If you allow your bedroom to become cluttered and a dumping ground for every tried and discarded outfit over the past month, then don't be surprised if your sleep begins to suffer as a result. Have a regular overhaul of everything in your room and assess whether it still serves you. You can also create a fresh atmosphere by changing the layout or trying different interior design ideas.

Digital detox before bed. Try not to use electronic devices in bed, at all, but especially while you're wanting to get off to sleep. There are so many reasons why it messes with your ability to drift off; including the stimulating effects of the light, increased brain activity through visual stimulus and the electromagnetic radiation being emitted from the device itself. If, like a lot of people, you rely on your phone for the time and as an alarm, then here are two suggestions; firstly, buy a non-obtrusive, not too bright alarm clock for the bedside table which you can check without stirring too much. Secondly, set your phone alarm earlier on in the evening and switch onto air plane mode during the night. This means that your alarm still sounds, but the radioactive waves it emits are greatly reduced.

Sleepy tea, please. Nowadays there are a really good range of teas available that are specifically designed to aid with a restful night's sleep. Made using the finest, organic ingredients, this selection of hot beverages will have you drifting off in a jiffy.

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