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Sunglasses: Your Guide To This Season's Most Important Accessory

Sunglasses: Your Guide To This Season's Most Important Accessory

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Sunglasses are a big statement piece in the fashion world. They have the ability to give instant diva status, a cute come-kiss-me look, or that rock chic allure that celebrities are renowned for.

The fact is, being on point when it comes to your eyewear is a fundamental factor in achieving a desired look and with a sun-drenched summer upon us, it's of paramount importance.

With such a vast variety on offer, how many of us actually know what's what when it comes to design and which frame suits which face shape?

Below is a simplified guide to some of the most popular styles for women and a suggestion for face suitability.


A truly classic design and the one that will suit all face shapes. Elegant, universal and with a timeless chic appeal; these are the perfect pair whatever the occasion.

Cat eye

Quintessentially stylish. Who hasn't perched a pair of these on the end of their nose; peering over, hands on hips? This feline inspired design from the 50s is complimentary on heart-shaped or square faces with prominent cheek bones, as the up-turned outer edges will add definition.


Nothing says badass as much as a pair of aviators, especially when the lenses are transparent and coloured. But do you have a long or oval-shaped face? If the answer is yes, then it is you who can truly rock this look.


The perfectly circular lense shape is certified trendy. It's versatile too and can be adapted to most looks. However, those with an oval face are best suited for the disc lense.


Is your summer outfit lacking sass? Get yourself a pair of butterfly sunglasses and boss that look. Works best with square or heart-shaped faces, but you make your own rules and if you feel good, then chances are you look good too!

Semi-rimless and triangle

OK fashionistas, this one's for you. Here are a pair of inverted semi-rimless cat eye lenses (left) and a triangle/cat eye hybrid variety (right). In terms of suitable face shape, the lucky oval lot will look best in these highly fashionable frames.


These are kind-of the cutesy, play-safe option for eyewear. Square faces are technically best suited to offset the curvy oval shape. However, there are so many different styles within this fairly generic category, so don't be surprised to see other face shapes rocking this look just fine!

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