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Stunningly Beautiful: The Temperate House Of Kew Re-opened After Make-over

Stunningly Beautiful: The Temperate House Of Kew Re-opened After Make-over

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Kew Gardens
Kew Gardens looking slightly dull and very empty before it's incredible transformation.

The House of Kew has undergone it's make-over and the finished product has simply blown us away. We expected that though. Having taken five years, with 10,000 plants being uprooted and replanted, 15,000 panes of glass being replaced, 69,000 sections of timber, metal and stone being replaced or repaired and as much scaffolding to stretch the distance of the M24 - oh, and about £41m spent, we think the biggest Victorian glasshouse in the world would be ready to open up its doors!!

Reviving what it had been in it's youth, the naturalist, Sir David Attenborough described it as "a breathtakingly beautiful space”.

First opening in 1863, the glasshouse closed in 2013 for one of the most difficult restoration projects in the history of Kew Gardens, and it'll reopen to the public on Saturday.

Once again, the spectacular building will be sheltering around several unique species that have come to extinction in the wild, including the cycad Encephalartos woodiiwhich was about even during the days of the dinosaurs!

Attenborough rates.

Being one of the many residents that treat Kew like an escape, he said that he'd truly missed the glasshouse. “When I had an office job I used to come to Kew at weekends when I was depressed and take deep breaths,” he recalled. “It’s lovely.”

And we can see why, and why, now, he'd probably miss it even more. With it's crystal clear panes and it's thriving plants, the location has become a sight for sore eyes.

Have nothing planned for this Bank Holiday Weekend? Book tickets now to take a glance yourself. You won't regret it.

Kew Gardens
Now, the gardens resemble somewhat of a tropical paradise. Walking around must be like walking around wonderland. Mesmerising.

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