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Strange Sports You've Probably Never Heard Of

Strange Sports You've Probably Never Heard Of

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Extreme Ironing
An example of extreme ironing

Your standard football game or rugby match that springs to mind when the term "sport" is thrown about, suddenly seems a little plain compared to 'Wife carrying' or 'Shin Kicking'. While our age classic sports - football, rugby, tennis, badminton etc. - will always have a place in our hearts, we can't help but take a glimpse at the unconventional..

1. Egg Throwing

According to the World Egg Throwing Federation, the sport "has been [...] enjoyed by millions of people since early humans discovered the delight of watching a failure of another to catch a tossed egg." The regular participants of the sport, known as "Eggheads", have the opportunity to take part in the annual World Egg Throwing Championship.

2. Underwater Hockey

We all know about field hockey. Ice hockey is familiar to us too. But underwater hockey? For many of us this is not going to ring many bells. Also known as Octopush, the sport is played all over the world and involves, yep, you guessed it, two teams attempting to move a puck with a stick along the bottom of a swimming pool all the way into the goal of the opposing team. The sport is actually more well established than you'd think. First taking place in 1980, the sport has its own World Championship.

3. Chess Boxing

Just as it is named, the game involves a mixture of checkmating and knocking out the oppositional player. It consists of 11 rounds wherein competitors change between boxing and classic chess.

4. Wife Carrying

Being the extraordinarily creative name it that it is, wife carrying means, well, wife carrying. It originated in Sonkajarvi, Finland, and it's a sport wherein male competitors compete against their peers in a bid to carry their wives through an obstacle course first.

A pretty amusing prospect is the fact that there's aNorth American Wife Carrying Championship, and yes, people actually go to it. One big incentive for candidates to enter is that winners receive the traditional prize. The wife's weight in beer, five times her weight in cash, in addition to entry into Finland's World Championships.

5. Cheese Rolling

In Gloucestershire, UK, there's anannual Cheese-Rolling event at Cooper’s Hill.

How it works? A large wheel of cheese is rolled down a steep hill, and those competing run after it. Doesn't sound too difficult? It should be known that the hill's steepness has consequentially resulted in severalaccidents.

6. Extreme Ironing

The sport involves "ironists" going to a tucked-away location to iron their clothes. Typically domestic, the chore has been performed hanging from cliffs, underwater, on top of vehicles, and even while snowboarding or skiing.

7. Shin Kicking

Originating in England in the early 17th century, the combat sport involves two competitors trying to kick each other until one is down (lovely, I know). A branch off of the Cotswold Olimpick Games, the Shin-kicking World Championship is an annual event held in the north of the English town Chippen Campden, on Dover's Hill.

8. Toe Wrestling

Indeed, toe wrestling involves competitors fighting toe-to-toe. The odd sport goes all the way back to 1976 when the Brits were striving to attain a world sports title. The rules are pretty simplistic. You must have your socks and shoes off, competitors must try to catch their opponents toes with their own and "pin" down their feet.

9. Musical Canine Freestyle

Mixing obedience training and dance, musical canine freestyle is a sport wherein canines and humans perform alongside each other. While it is a pretty new sport, it is steadily growing, with more and more owner and dog duo's taking an interest in the phenomenon.

10. Sepak Takraw

Not too dissimilar to what we recognise as volleyball, sepak takraw (Native to Southeast Asia) involves players passing around a ball of dried palm leaves using anything but their arms.

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