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Stealth Health Ideas to Beat The Christmas Day Crash

Stealth Health Ideas to Beat The Christmas Day Crash

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Christmas day is synonymous with overindulgence; be it chocolates, roast dinner, or the surplus of festive tipples making the rounds at every interval. The inevitable upshot of all this binge consumption, along with the fact that we tend to spend most of the day sedentary and indoors, is that you wind up feeling a bit rubbish (for want of a better phrase).

We all want to relax at Christmas and enjoy the delicious offerings of the festive season without thinking too much; so this is where preparing a few stealth health tactics beforehand, can help you to combat the Christmas 'comedown' and enjoy the day fully and without jeopardising your health and wellbeing.

Organise a Christmas day walk

Have this scheduled in the day's plan before and make people aware when it's happening. You could give gifts that require going outside, a kite or a woolly hat for example, to encourage children.

Plan a route in accordance with who will be attending and be mindful of people who may find certain walks difficult. The main point is to get everyone outside, to refresh the senses and clear any cobwebs.

Fill your plate with veggies

Your average Christmas lunch is a feast of mega proportions and can top your calorie recommendation for the day in just one sitting. There is often a selection of dishes on offer, with lots of veggies to choose from, so try to fill your plate (and your stomach) with the lightest, most nutrients dense options, or more specifically vegetables.

Snack mindfully

Instead of absentmindedly grazing throughout the whole day on Christmas, be mindful of what you're consuming. The best way to prevent eating too much junk food, is to not have it around and substitute with healthier alternatives instead. Think carrot sticks with hummus, rice snacks or unsalted nuts and fresh fruit. If you're visiting someone, then why not come prepared with a selection of healthy treats to share with everyone.

Try to stay active throughout the day

Organise games, or buy presents for people that require gentle exercise. Even something as low-key as a game of charades gets people up and moving, whilst also providing some non-screen based entertainment for everyone.

Go easy on the units

Christmas day gives you every excuse to drink far more than you normally would, and start much earlier than usual (bucks fizz for breakfast anyone?), but it should be treated with caution.

Christmas is often an emotionally charged day, for any number of reasons, especially when too much alcohol is added to the mix. Try to break up the booze with other drinks; festive mocktails for example, or have a nice selection of special teas and gourmet coffees available.

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