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Spread Your Wings: Museums At Night

Spread Your Wings: Museums At Night

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Museums at Night is a UK wide festival, which sees museums, galleries, historic houses, libraries and archives opening their doors after dark and putting on special shows. Culture24 is behind organising the event, the aim being to "shine a light on Britain's sparkling culture and heritage".

The upcoming festival is taking place from the 25 -27 October; boasting a full itinerary of late night entertainment organised at venues with a cultural significance up and down the UK.

Here a few of our top picks, as advertised on the events page of the website.

Moth Night

Go on a fantastic journey into the nighttime world of moths and discover why they are such important indicators of the health of the natural environment.

Carnival Of Delights - Get Your Freak On

Fancy a night of weird and wonderful entertainment, with a bar? Embrace your darker side and become embroiled in a frightfully good night of Halloween entertainment.

A Georgian House By Candlelight

A rare opportunity to experience a Georgian house come to life; with costumed guides, story telling and candlelight to ensure a gripping and immersive show fit for all ages.

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