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SPF Skin Care: Keep Your Complexion Picture Perfect This Summer

SPF Skin Care: Keep Your Complexion Picture Perfect This Summer

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With it getting hot again, we need to reassess our skincare routines and make sure that we can enjoy the summer rays without all of the damaging UVA. A simple way to ensure that your skin is protected, is to invest in a foundation that incorporates SPF. That way you needn't include yet another step into your daily routine, and if you don't wear foundation we've included a few alternative options too.

SunSense Daily Face SPF50+

Let's start with the product with the highest protection and lowest visibility on the skin. This product literally disappears into the pores whilst providing a premium quality SPF shield.

Gaya Vegan Mineral Foundation

This one is for all of the vegans out there! Gaya is a fully vegan friendly brand that also provides top quality cosmetics. This powder is all-singing-all-dancing and answers to every skin care requirement.

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation SPF15

This impressed us with it's comprehensive shade range from light to dark and then cross-sectioned with the various undertones. It eliminates an element of doubt when purchasing foundation online.

Garnier BB Cream SPF

This is a really popular product, and for good reason. It works. During the hot, sweaty summer season many of us don't want to be caked in a heavy foundation, so BB Creams are the perfect solution!

Clinique Foundation Redness Solutions SPF20

This is specifically tailored for skin that really suffers in the heat. People with redness prone skin will know what the sun's rays does to their complexion, so this will help to combat that.

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