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Sophia Bush Talks About Rosacea And Skin Issues

Sophia Bush Talks About Rosacea And Skin Issues

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Sophia Bush

Whether it's the texture of your hair, the oiliness of your skin, your height, or your weight, we all have certain insecurities that prevent us from being as confident and as outgoing as we would like to be. 

"Rosacea" is one common rash that can be found on the centre of the face. A tendency to flush easily is often followed by consistent forehead, nose and chin redness, and by yields of tiny inflamed pus spots and red bumps. 

Sophia Bush is a public figure of whom has been particularly open about her struggles with the skin condition, and has been unafraid of appearing vulnerable in the spotlight. In the Instagram post below, she openly addresses the bullying and teasing that rosacea sufferers regularly face, her insecurity from having suffered this herself, and the blue light treatment that she hopes will resolve it.

A few days ago I posted an instastory about skin. It was just a simple no makeup photo, on a vey red day for me. A little lovenote to my fellow babes who get called “Rudolph,” or “Cherry.” Who are dealing with rosacea. I didn’t even know that’s why I’d get red for years. Mine’s mild, but it’s always been something I’ve been conscious of because of job. And I was blown away by the responses. Some of your posts moved me to tears. So yesterday, when I went to see @simonourianmd1 for a treatment (thank you so much for connecting us @shanidarden!!) I asked if we could film my treatment, so I could share it with y’all. Then I chickened out!! I got super nervous. It’s so weird and vulnerable to open up about what makes you self conscious. But I don’t think that Instagram serving as a highlight reel and nothing else is helpful. So, my babes! Here’s a little demystification for ya. This is called a blue light. It’s a great treatment for redness. It doesn’t really hurt. This is my first try with this, and I’ll keep y’all posted on how it goes. Thank you for your notes, your encouragement, and your vulnerability. Here’s some from me, to you 💓 #LadyLoves #TickleTorture #IAmExtraRedToday
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It's so important for celebrities such as Bush to get frank about their issues to the 1000's of fans that look up to them. A big aspect of being a great role model is being real about your flaws and imperfections, and embracing or dealing with them well all the same. Having a good attitude.

Many Rosacea sufferers are aware of the ways in which they can cure condition, including knowing their subtype, carefully choosing what products to buy, and selecting products with "super ingredients" like licorice, though there are many other Rosacea Tips that can help you that you may not be aware of. While blue light, that which Sophia Bush uses, is one effective treatment for rosacea redness, there are many other inexpensive methods and tips that may prove to be equally as effective.

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