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"Sliding Into Your DM's Like..."

"Sliding Into Your DM's Like..."

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The world is changing. Fast. And, if someone was to ask you what single factor had been the biggest catalyst for change this century; what would your answer be?

It is of course, the internet. The World Wide Web. The revolution.

We now live in the age of the internet. Almost all aspects of our existence have been "webified" in some way or another. In the space of just over a decade, a significant proportion of the global population operate within some form of a virtual reality; be it social media, online gaming, work or education.

And so, along with our banking and our shopping, we are now also accustomed to our relationships playing out on the liquid crystal displays we hold in the palm of our hands. The dating scene has moved online and with it a whole new set of codes and practices have materialised.

Language as well has had to adapt in the wake of this sudden transformation in the way that we interact with each other. For example, has anyone been "sliding into your DM's" recently?

This caught our attention, mainly because we had to google the phrase, which some of you will roll your eyes at. Other's of you will be reading this precisely because the title made no sense, and was therefore intriguing.

For those of you that fall into this latter bracket, allow me to explain. The phrase "to slide into the DM's" refers to taking a conversation out of public view and into the privacy of a direct message. If someone makes contact with you in this manner, in certain contexts, it may be viewed in the same regard as a stranger approaching you in a bar to initiate a chat.

Even now, that sounds kind of archaic. Who actually gets chatted up in a bar? Unless you're backpacking around Southeast Asia. Maybe it does happen. But, if you're not the kind to hang around bars for a pastime, then your DM's may hold a greater potential for date action.

The fact is, interaction with people online is an extremely effective means to establishing connections which can then be built on within an offline setting (i.e the "real" world). It can help eliminate a reliance on fate and waiting for "the one", which are delusional concepts (apologies for any bubbles burst).

It can also reduce an element of doubt in terms of compatibility. This is difficult to pinpoint exactly, as online interaction is so diverse and you very quickly crossover into dangerous territory when discussing it.

However, it is often possible to glean a certain amount of information from someone's various online profiles, which can provide you with a few vital clues as to the fundamentals of who they really are (marital status and profile image legitimacy being key ones).

Any stigma that used to exist with online dating ceases to be valid in a world where we think nothing of a quick face-to-face conversation with someone in Japan, or casually use our thumb print to unlock our phones.

The future is here and tomorrow's technology is already pending. The question is, for those who are single and keen to mingle, who might be "pending" our next DM?

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