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Skin Cancer Awareness Day: Why It's Important To Wear Suncream

Skin Cancer Awareness Day: Why It's Important To Wear Suncream

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The Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign aims to bring awareness to the dangers that arise from exposed and unprotected skin. It particularly seeks to educate the public about methods of preventing skin cancer. UV sun exposure is one of the central causes of skin cancer, though also one of the most easily prevented. The campaign aims to minimise causes of skin cancer, and escalate the likeliness of detection early on, via teaching.

The campaign also encourages the public to use the hashtag #MySkinCancerJourney, and every person is invited to provide information about early detection, sun safety and skin cancer prevention with their family and friends. We care about our readers' health, that's why we're hoping you'll take note of why the importance of wearing sun cream shouldn't be taken lightly.

1. Prevents Premature Aging.

We all want to have radiant, healthy and younger looking skin. Although it's essential to ensure that you're getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D, too much exposure will prove detrimental to the skin's health. That's where sun cream comes in. Preventing wrinkles from forming, studies reveal that people under the age of 55 that used sun cream had 24% lesser chances of evolving the ageing signs than those that do not where suncream.

2. Reduces Sun Cancer Risks

Wearing sun cream has many advantages for beauty and cosmetic reasons, but it also offers certain health benefits. It shields skin from different kinds of skin cancer, particularly, melanoma. This is one of the worst sorts of skin cancer and poses a significant threat to women in their 20's.

3. Lowers Face Blotchiness

Put sunscreen evenly all over your face to inhibit annoying blotchiness due to the emergence of red veins. This is also important for preventing acne's onset and other damage that's induced by the suns rays.

4. Prevents Sunburn 

Sunburn actually softens the skin, which makes it subject to bruising. The surface of your skin may experience repeated instances of swelling, hives, redness, peeling, hives and itching. UVB rays are the main thing that influences this. The blisters can cause the risk of skin cancer to heighten. In 'Annals of Epidemiology', a study published suggested that repeated instances  of sunburns might actually put someone at greater risk of lethal melanoma. So the answer is clear, stay safe and keep the sun cream topped up.

5. Prevents Tanning

The common perception is that tanning is healthy. Nevertheless, you should be aware that while you are soaking up the sun, you are subject to suns harsh ultraviolet B rays. Select a sun-cream that has factor 30 to stop tanning created by UVB. And, if you have sensitive skin, it needs to be applied every two hours. Also, since water and sweat washes off the protective coating, it should be re-applied after you take a dip in the sea or doing some exercise.

6. So many different kinds to choose from

There is a huge variety of sun cream available in today's market. In addition, they're not a bad price either. Online, their are multiple sunscreen recipes that you can make in your own home as well, which will make them even more inexpensive.

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