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Should You Go To Work Today? S-no-w Way.

Should You Go To Work Today? S-no-w Way.

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Today I'm writing this article from the comfort of my own home, although I'm witness to the freezing blizzards, beating down outside my window. It seems very clear that staying indoors, rather than braving the blustering snow outside, is probably my best bet.

Indeed, according to the BBC, Storm Emma's approach has raised red-weather alerts, which means that there is a threat to life in south wales and the south-west of England.

It has been reported that on a motorway in Scotland, over 300 people are stranded in freezing temperatures after waiting for as many as 18 hours in their vehicles.

Weather predictions suggest this storm will meet with the "Beast from the East" which is causing significant disturbances in the north of the UK.

The weather forecast has also discerned that Storm Emma is likely to bring forth bitter winds, blizzards and major travel disruption to parts of Wales, Northern Ireland and western southern and central England.

The roads have also been dramatically affected.

Between Rochdale and Huddersfield there are eight miles of eastbound tailbacks on the M62 due to the heavy snowfall. In the East Midlands, Stagecoach has suspended all of their rural services. There are delays on the M6 southbound following car collision's between Stoke-on-Trent and Crewe. Collisions were also prevalent on the north and southbound carriages near Tot Hill services on the A34 in Hampshire.

Snow in the UK
Some areas in the UK are reporting snow as being over 20 inches deep.

Train services have also been experiencing difficulties.

Throughout the UK, over 20 railway lines are offering limited services. Most notably, London Paddington Station was shut for almost three hours due to the extreme weather conditions.

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