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Sexy And Sustainable: Ethical Autumn Lingerie

Sexy And Sustainable: Ethical Autumn Lingerie

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Prepare for an "I want that now!" reaction to each of these four alternative brands that produce the most beautiful ethical lingerie.

With handcrafted items, organic fabrics and celebrity endorsed ranges, prepare to look stunning in your lounge wear this autumn.

Luva Huva

Luva Huva is a UK based brand that specialises in producing handcrafted lingerie made from eco-friendly fabrics. This positive fashion label swims against the tide of fast fashion, in creating items that are unique and personal with an ethical philosophy at their heart.

Sandmaiden Sleepwear

This sleepwear and lingerie range has been created by Amanda Boyd in the US and is sold through the online shop, Etsy. Garments are made using predominantly natural fibres, which are comfortable and soothing on skin and better for the environment.

Only Hearts

Only Hearts was founded in 1978 by Helena Stuart in New York and offers an extensive range of "lifestyle" lingerie, which can be worn as stand alone pieces. The brand is popular with celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Kate Moss and Khloe Kardashian and is manufactured using organic materials.


Nudwear is a sustainable and socially responsible brand that produces lingerie for real women who want to feel sexy and empowered. They aim to minimise the impact that fashion has on the environment through eco-friendly manufacturing practices. The intimate items Nudwear produces are the result of innovative fabrics and design that help to liberate women's bodies.

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