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Set Your Creativity On Fire For a More Fulfilling Life

Set Your Creativity On Fire For a More Fulfilling Life

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While it's easy to regard creative pursuits as something to fill rare moments of spare time, or hobbies for those with the luxury of time on their hands; creativity is in fact what makes us human and what has enabled us to survive this long as a species.

Creative inspiration urged us to pick up sticks and manufacture tools as cavemen; it lies at the heart of most of the historic artifacts that provide us with the vital clues to make sense of our heritage; it's the innate desire inside every small child to play with the world around them. However for many of us, the older we get, the more our creative natures are stamped out of us, or lost by the wayside in a society that can be cold to the colour of imagination.

According to Psychology Today: "Creative thinking involves making new connections between different regions of the brain, which is accomplished by cultivating divergent thinking skills and deliberately exposing ourselves to new experiences and to learning." With this in mind, we sought out ways that we can ignite more creativity in our lives; conveniently and effectively without any nagging sense of dread.


Apps are now a way of life and infiltrate every aspect of how we live; creative outlets included. There is a wide range of apps available and given that creativity is a broad subject with no set borders, it's worth exploring the options yourself to see what might work best for you.


Creativity is not limited to one thing, there are limitless options when it comes to expressing yourself creatively. Don't make the mistake of thinking you have to be 'good' at something in order for it to be worthwhile, just give it a go and have with it.


Exercising encourages you to be creative with how your body moves, even if the first gym sess after the new year feels more like a torture. Not only can exercise be a powerful form of creative expression, it also gets blood pumping around the brain which helps with generating ideas, whilst also boosting the release of endorphins which makes you feel happier and more inclined to inject creativity into all areas of your life.


The most powerful creativity comes to those who are relaxed and inspired by what is around them, or in their imaginations. Don't shut down your creativity with negative thoughts and learn to enjoy the process of creating, rather than fixating on the end product.


Bouncing ideas off other people who share a similar mindset, or passion for what you are doing, is one of the best ways to develop and grow creatively. Sharing in this way creates powerful bonds between people and could be what enables you to realise a dream.

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