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Serena William's Loss At US Open Taints Naomi Osaka Victory

Serena William's Loss At US Open Taints Naomi Osaka Victory

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Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka went head to head at this year's US Open women's final on Sunday, which ended with a win for Osaka. She is the first ever Japanese player to take a Grand Slam title.

However, this feat was tainted somewhat by the drama that unfolded in the William's camp during the course of what was one of the most turbulent and highly contested matches to ever take place.

The catalyst for what became an angry and drawn-out tirade by Serena Williams against the overly stringent Portuguese umpire, Carlos Ramos, was a penalty Williams received for her coaches' prompts from the stands.

This is technically cheating, however the reality is a little different with it being widely accepted as something that happens across the board. Not on Ramos' watch though and the book was thrown at Williams.

The incident changed the course of the match as Williams became defiant in the face of this controversial, yet technically accurate, call from a pedantic umpire.

Williams frustration was then vented with her smashing up her racket and for this a second penalty was issued. A subsequent backlash ensued with remarks, such as "liar" and "thief", being hurled at Ramos in a fit of uncontrolled rage.

This he tolerated for only so long, before administering a third and final code violation, which was the finishing blow for William's dreams of achieving a 24th Grand Slam win. With the game now 5-3 in Osaka's favour, it took her only one more serve to secure the title.

In what should have been her moment of glory, all attention was on her rival (and greatest hero ironically) as the fall out from the tumultuous game reverberated around the stadium with the sound of boos.

Overcome with the level of emotion, Osaka succumbed to her own torn feelings in the midst of realising her greatest dream, whilst simultaneously dashing that of her idols, as she tilted her visor down over her face and shed tears.

The aftermath of the match has left opinions divided and charged with heightened emotions; ranging from a touch of disbelief, to outright anger and a sense of pity for a talented, young player caught in the middle of it all.

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