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If you haven't seen Lucifer, you've missed one of the greatest treats in television.

If you were wondering where the gorgeous Tom Ellis went after marrying Miranda, he was cast as the lead in this excellent supernatural detective show which has just finished its third season, which is based not on the Bible, but on the comic series.

Go on, have a drink.

You can add your name to the 180, 000 strong petition to save the show here:

In the show, Lucifer, played by Tom with equal parts playboy, villain, anti-hero, hedonist, comic and love interest, has decided to take a break from running hell and instead starts running an L.A. nightclub called Lux, accompanied by his sidekick Mazikeen ("Maze") - a kick-ass demon.

Maze from Lucifer
Maze. Drinking Buddy. Babysitter. Demon.

Lucifer falls in love with Chloe, a detective who he soon begins to help as a consultant.  But where he's invulnerable amongst mortals, something about her makes him vulnerable.

You'd like me when I'm angry.

It's a great show.  Funny, clever, thought provoking and sassy - there's really nothing like it on television.

Now #savelucifer is rightly, trending on Twitter. Tom Ellis is right behind it and putting all his energy into getting the show a new home.  Recently, lots of shows have been rescued by their fan base.  If you love Tom Ellis, love great TV, or just love Lucifer, then please share this article and help us #savelucifer

You know it makes sense - #savelucifer

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