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Sajid Javid To Be Appointed New Home Secretary

Sajid Javid To Be Appointed New Home Secretary

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Sajid Javid
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Sajid Javid has been appointed the UK's first ever home secretary from an ethnic minority background following the exit of Amber Rudd.

Mr Javid, the son of a Pakistani bus driver stated that he would review immigration policy to ensure that it was fair and that people were treated with "dignity and respect".

After saying that she "inadvertently" misled MPs over immigration removal targets.

According to the prime minister, Ms Rudd resigned because she gave information to MPs that was "not correct".

Rudd said to MPs last week that the Home Office didn't have any targets for removing illegal immigrants, though on Sunday, the Guardian published a letter in which Ms Rudd laid out her "ambitious but deliverable" goal to deport 10% additional illegal immigrants over the "next few years" to Theresa May.

After being questioned if she'd take personal responsibility for the resignation of her home secretary, May said on Monday: 

"When I was home secretary, yes, there were targets in terms of removing people from the country who were here illegally.

"If you talk to members of the public they want to ensure we are dealing with people who are here illegally."

May said that she was "very sorry" to see Ms Rudd go, and she added: "I think she can look back with pride as home secretary."

After facing mounting criticism over her dealing with the Windrush scandal and immigration policy, Ms Rudd departed.

With various people having been refused access to medical care, lost their jobs, been detained, the Windrush generation settled legally in post-war Britain though their right-to-remain has been questioned.

It has prompted calls for the government to disregard its "hostile environment" policy on illegal immigration, which Mrs May and Ms Rudd keep on defending.

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