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Routine For Success
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Routine For Success

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Even the term routine is loaded with negative connotations in a society that idolises the concept of a carefree existence, living moment to moment, untethered from a life restricted by routines. And while an element of spontaneity is good for us; a healthy, adhered to daily regime may well be the most fundamental factor to you living your best life.

The health benefits associated with structuring your days in a consistent and positive manner, are really quite astonishing. Especially if, like me, you have always harboured the belief that a daily routine is somehow synonymous with a boring adult existence.

In fact, quite the opposite is true. As children we lead far more structured lives; with set times for bed, play, doing homework etc. It's as adults that our lives can actually become more chaotic, as we flit from one thing to the next, never having enough time to achieve as much as we want to.

Your routine is a direct reflection on your wellbeing, so let's celebrate structure in our lives and work at being the best possible version of ourselves.

Less stress

No structure is stressful. We know this to be true for children and our pets, so why not for ourselves. Set yourself a bedtime, a time for your evening meal, a time to wake up and stick to it religiously.

Once you settle into it and it just becomes something you do, you will notice how much calmer you feel. This is because you no longer have to think about when to do things.

Making decisions is one of the most stressful functions the mind has to perform, so limiting this with a predetermined routine dramatically reduces stress levels.

More time

Incongruous as it may seem; adherence to a routine is the key to freeing up more time in your life, as opposed to restricting you. This is because you make better use of your time and because you have a schedule you actually recognise free time when you get it.

Break bad habits

And make and keep good ones! Upholding patterns of behaviour on a regular basis is what constitutes a 'habit'; be it positive or negative. With a routine, you get to decide what becomes a habit and what activities no longer serve you on your quest to being your best self.

Build confidence

People who suffer from anxiety or depression can dramatically alleviate symptoms by adhering to daily routines that encourage positive behaviours. For example, a walk around the park each morning before breakfast, can be a powerful way to boost the mood and set a positive intention for the day.

Of course, many of you reading this may not associate with conditions such as anxiety or depression, however that doesn't mean that you cannot still reap similar rewards. We all get stressed at times and most of us could do with a confidence boost, so use your routine as the blue print for implementing this in your life.

Achieve goals

Goals cannot be met if they haven't even been set and for that they require a structure, a method if you will, for how you propose to achieve it. As the saying goes: 'A goal without a plan is just a wish'. Therefore, a routine allows you to implement the necessary actions in order to reach whatever goal it is you choose to set.

Track success

Routines are the tracks on which the metaphorical train for success runs on. Without any tracks the train is going nowhere, rather like your dreams and aspirations without a solid and well crafted routine.

When something is scheduled, it is clear whether or not it was accomplished, and if sometimes it's not (we're all human at the end of the day!), then you know to make the extra effort next time. Simple.

Without this procedure, made possible through your routine, tracking success becomes nigh impossible.

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