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Romance Is Dead, All Thanks To Modern Dating

Romance Is Dead, All Thanks To Modern Dating

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Modern dating

Romance is dead, thanks to modern dating.

It seems to be that long-gone are the days of courting, flowers, and dinner dates. The convenience of online dating wherein one merely has to "swipe right" if they see someone of whom they like the look of, and many-a-time, this leads to a bit of weak small talk that leads to nothing. Such is the shallowness of online dating that shattered the romantic fantasies of many. 

For those of us born in an era when Disney sold us images of romances that blossomed oh-so simply and naturally, the modern dating scene couldn't be more of a far-cry.

Either Mr. Walt was lying to us, or can we go back in time, please?

Why is it that the stories that our grand-parents tell us about the way they met seem so alien to us now?

Thinking about it, if someone's date turned up at the door in a bow-tie with a huge bunch of roses, would we scoff at the soppyness of it, or melt on the inside like any romantic? 

Our guess is that it would be somewhere in between.

And this is an issue.

Girls, we can't complain about there being no gentlemen anymore and simultaneously shoot men down for being sexist and undermining for opening the door for us, offering to buy us a drink or complimenting our outfits. Whilst everyone should be a feminist, and support that women should have an equal footing with men, we run the risk of becoming defensive to the point of shooing even the most respectful of men away.

Maybe if we all, in our own subtle ways, push towards dating again (irl), we can move towards that distant image in our heads of the way things used to be.

Are you chatting to a guy online who lives locally? Make the first move and suggest meeting them somewhere public, like a coffee shop, to continue the chat. Have a busy schedule and need the "online convenience" in your life? Instead of texting, arrange a time of day to have a skype session, for a virtual date.

While these are small moves, if we all make the effort to step away from the endless swiping and clip texts that lack depths, maybe there's hope that things will revert back to the way they were.

Just maybe.

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