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Re'Kindle' Your Love Of Reading: 8 Books That Will Have You Hooked

Re'Kindle' Your Love Of Reading: 8 Books That Will Have You Hooked

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Reading for a pastime is one of life's pleasures that will serve you well. The list of health benefits associated with digesting books is long and impressive. Things such as; stress reduction, improved brain function, increased knowledge and vocabulary and aiding with a restful night's sleep, to name but a few.

If reading is something you enjoy, but have neglected recently, then there are lots of ways to re-kindle the passion and once again immerse yourself in the comforting cloak of fiction. A kindle could be one such way. While you don't have the rather lovely feel and smell of a physical book, you do on the other hand have an extremely convenient means of carrying all of your books around with you on one slim, envelope sized device.

It also makes reading in bed easier; due to the size, absence of page turning and the fact the screen is softly illuminated, so no need for an external light source. This means that you are able to curl up under the duvet and read until your eyes grow heavy and you simply slide the kindle out the way. It helps to facilitate a smooth transition from reading into deep sleep and this can be seen as one of its greatest assets.

Added to this, is the sustainability factor. Physical books are made from trees, whereas kindle editions pose a far lesser threat to the environment.

At the end of the day, it is a personal choice and I know a lot of people are anti adopting kindles, in favour of tradition and to satiate a book fetish. However, it is worth advocating some of the benefits of a kindle, which I now rarely forfeit albeit on the odd occasion that a physical copy lands on my lap; especially for those who need a boost to get back into the habit of regular reading; for those who have become lazy on a diet of Netflix and the soul destroying scroll.

To further prompt you to pick up the reigns on your reading career, here are eight books which are known for their sticky, can't-put-it-down quality.


Image credit: Amazon, Shantaram Kindle Edition, £4.99

This book will blow your socks off. Epic in every feasible way, from the use of language to the sheer magnitude of the narrative. No plane tickets needed, you're going to India.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Millennium series)

Image credit: Amazon, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Kindle Edition, £4.99

A classic within the literary world, these books instantly become an extension of your physical being until you reach the back cover and life returns to 'normal'. The perfect choice for someone who is out of practice with their reading and wants to dive back in headfirst.

The Silver Dark Sea

Image credit: Amazon, The Silver Dark Sea Kindle Edition, £7.49

A touching story of humanity that will pull on every heart string. This book will captivate you with it's poetic prose and startlingly vivid imagery that puts you right there on the island.

Harry Potter (The Complete Collection, books 1-7)

Image credit: Amazon, Harry Potter The Complete Collection Kindle Edition, £37.74

Most of us are familiar with Harry Potter, given the phenomenal world acclaim it has received, both as novels and as blockbuster movies. But, how many people have read the books? Reading, or re-reading, these books as an adult is a treat for the mind.

All the Light We Cannot See

Image credit: Amazon, All the Light We Cannot See Paperback, £13.60
The passion and poignancy within these pages is pitch perfect. This is reflected in the accolades and rave reviews it has attracted since being published in 2015.

I Know Why The Caged Birds Sing

Image credit: Amazon, I Know Why The Caged Birds Sing Kindle Edition, £4.99

The words and sentiments of Maya Angelou have touched hearts and changed minds the world over. This book casts a magic spell with its insight of the world and its human inhabitants.


Image credit: Amazon, Milkman Kindle Edition, £5.39

This masterful work of psychological fiction is sure to pique your interest within the first few sentences. Having won last year's Man Booker Prize, this is a good choice if you want something topical to discuss at a dinner party.

The Light Between Oceans

Image credit: Amazon, The Light Between The Oceans Kindle Edition, £4.99

If you want a novel that packs an emotional punch, look no further. You may well have watched the film adaptation, however if not, you could set a little challenge for you and a friend, or family member; read the book and then watch the film, then meet to compare the two and give your opinions on both the pieces.

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