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Redness Be Gone: 4 Tried and Tested Skin Calming Creams

Redness Be Gone: 4 Tried and Tested Skin Calming Creams

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In a world of Insta-perfect skin and cool, calm complexions gazing out of every issue of Vogue, it's easy for those of us with rosy skin tones to feel self conscious.

The first thing to remember is that, while beauty ideals often do dictate how we feel about ourselves, they really shouldn't. Try to get some perspective when worrying about appearance and remember that the most effective beauty trick is self confidence.

That said, skin care is important and so too is using the right products. Here we give you some tried and tested advice on anti-redness moisturisers that are really worth the price tag.

1. Let's start with the medically approved choice

Dermalex is a dermatologically tested product, which effectively treats the symptoms of rosacea. It comes in the form of a liquid, green-tinted cream which glides onto the skin without leaving it feeling excessively greasy. I found this cream to have an immediate cooling affect and my skin instantly appeared calmer. It absorbed quickly into my skin, without the green making me look ill. The website also has some really useful information on rosacea and how to treat it.

For some extra advice on managing rosacea check out these top tips from a rosacea sufferer.

2. The one that the other blogs rave about

Avene Antirougeurs is a quality product, with the added bonus that it sits comfortably within the reasonable price range, however I wasn't blown away by its performance. My main issue with it was that it made my skin look overly shiny. Also, make-up, which I confess to wearing on a regular basis tended to slide off the high emulsion content in this cream. This seemed to combat any of the anti-redness properties it provided my skin, as the glassy sheen gave me the appearance of being hot and flustered anyway. It should be noted however, that I have combination skin which is prone to oily breakouts. Dry skin types would really benefit from the ultra hydrating properties.

3. The 'pending pay-day' product

Obviously the queen of skin care had to be included on the list. Clinique do a superb range of skin products specifically tailored for rosier complexions. The only down-side is that it's slightly pricey and therefore difficult to justify as a recurring purchase. However, you do tend to get what you pay for in life and this is no exception. The real point of note-worthiness here is that it contains probiotic technology which serves to restore the skin's natural microbiome over time, significantly improving tone and clarity.

4. And finally, our personal favourite

This product represents a kind-of 'eureka moment' in our constant quest to seek out the best beauty products for all of the 'can't live without' categories. An effective anti-redness moisturiser being one of these. Anyway, Argan Organics anti-redness treatment is a delicious, yellow cream which feels silky upon application. It leaves no greasy residue and even provides a semi-matte finish which I found useful just prior to applying make-up. The big 'yay' for us is the fact it's organic and we are firm believers in only using products with ingredients derived from natural sources. My skin is so much healthier since I committed to this golden rule, not to mention my body not being loaded with unnecessary toxins every day. This yummy product is made from organic Sea Buckthorn, which contains anti-inflammatory properties to protect the skin's natural barrier and reduce redness. And as if that wasn't enough, it's the cheapest product we tried!

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