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6 Ways In Which Siblings Make You A Happier, Healthier and Better Person

6 Ways In Which Siblings Make You A Happier, Healthier and Better Person

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With Kate Middleton having just given birth to a healthy baby boy, her girl-boy duo has now become a trio. Being the eldest of four, though for a long while, of three, there are so many ways in which I can look back and see my upbringing filled with sibling rivalry, fun family occasions and endless conversations as something that has significantly contributed to my personal development. While I can't deny that there haven't been times when I've wanted to tear my hair out because my mum wouldn't listen to my side of the argument, or that I've never wished I could be an only child so that I could get some peace and quiet (our house was never peaceful!), now I can most certainly say that I wouldn't have had it any other way! Here's how having siblings can be pretty amazing:

1. Older siblings naturally tend to grow to be more responsible.


Children that are born first are used to being depended upon. Older siblings are frequently perceived as being the most responsible and obedient. They also have the tendency to prioritise loyalty and family values the most, according to what Jeff Kluger, author of The Sibling Effect: What the Bonds Among Brothers and Sisters Reveal About Us, said to NPR. Whether you're the eldest, the middle-child, or the baby of the family, you've either learned to be reliable or you have an older sibling that you can depend on. Both have their benefits.

2. A sister can boost your mental well-being

Girl, you've got this. A Brigham Young University study discovered that having strong bonds with a sister, younger or older, prevents you from feeling guilty, fearful, lonely or self-conscious throughout your teens.

3. Siblings may increase your longevity.

Don't underestimate the importance of having close ties. Developing close connections, like sibling bonds, are linked to living better and for longer. Research is indicative that individuals that are poorly connected are more likely to die earlier (7.5 years to be precise). This might be related to the prospect that friends and family often serve as support to your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

4. Siblings make for a great adulthood

The benefits of having siblings reach well beyond your youth. Studies indicate that close ties with a brother or sister during middle and old age correlates with well-being and good attitude. Supportive relationships with siblings also eliminates feelings of isolation and loneliness later on in life.

5. Spending time with them can reduce stress

 If you're close with your sibling, research indicates that spending time with a loved one can help you to tackle stress. Experts suggest that siblings in particularly can effectively protect you from the bleak effects of stress, whether your a child, teen or adult. A day at the beach or spent shopping with your sibling could be all the fuel you need to keep you going. 

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