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Reasons To Read

Reasons To Read

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Whether you a are an avid reader and self confessed bookworm, or one of those that rarely delves into literature beyond the mags, let's take a moment to refresh our minds of the benefits of reading. And even if you think that books are not for you; then prepare to be flung into the world of fictional wonder, for modern technology has provided an answer, i.e. audio books.

But first, here are just a few of the many reasons that reading is extremely beneficial to both mind, body and spirit.

Books provide a wonderful source of escapism. Reading wrenches you out of this world and all your petty worrying into a completely different place, time, universe even. While you're engaged with mentally digesting the words on a page, you are not fuelling absent-minded thought patterns which can often be destructive. Your focus is shifted and therefore so is your mood.

Your mind is expanded through reading. Unlike visual entertainment, reading is reliant on your imagination. This of course requires brain power and therefore stimulates cell growth. Added to this, is the increased capacity for language and vocabulary. You are confronted with words and phrases that you haven't seen before and with reading you have the time, and the necessity often, to actually pause and make sense of it.

Reading develops your concentration and mental focus. These days with our penchant for flashing screens and click-frenzy phone use, our attentions rarely remain focused for more than a few seconds. This is dangerous because sustaining concentration is a skill that requires practice, rather like a muscle that will be rendered useless if left to deteriorate. Reading is a simple and highly enjoyable way to develop better mental focus, which will benefit all areas of our lives. Who doesn't want to feel calmer and less stressed?

How has technology made reading more accessible? For people who have a mental block when it comes to reading a book, there are a few options now available to you through the wonders of modern technology. Audio books are a fantastic resource and are improving everyday with more and more titles becoming accessible in this format. They are not only for those who are reluctant to pick up a physical copy, they are also a valuable asset for those who read actual books as well, because they provide a different kind of enjoyment. One that is convenient whilst sitting on a train, or whilst in bed with the sleep timer set, or just about anywhere you wish! Switch on and drift away into a world of fiction without any of the effort of reading, or even holding a book.

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