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Purrrfect Style: Leopard Print Is In

Purrrfect Style: Leopard Print Is In

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If you were of the opinion that leopard print was relegated to the no-go area of the trashy fashion scale, then you may have had to reconsider this position in light of the Autumn 2018 trend for animalistic prints.

Park your prudishness and get on board the fashion safari truck with this 'purrrfect' selection of leopard inspired prints, fit for every occasion.

Going 'out' out

NEW LOOK: Brown Leopard Print Satin Kimono Sleeve Jumpsuit £29.99

The cut and design of this jumpsuit screams sex appeal, whilst remaining somewhat modest. Coupled with a pair of statement earrings, high heels and a clutch; this look has serious 'catittude'.

Day time

ZARA: Knit Cardigan with Animal Print Details £49.99

This cardi is everything; casual, snugly and attractive. Popped on over jeans and a black cami top and you're good to go pretty much anywhere.


NEW LOOK: Brown Leopard Print Satin Frill Wrap Skirt £22.99

Need an outfit that tells the world you are 100% certified boss babe? Look no further.


JOULES: Westbourne Leather Chelsea Boots £140.00

The ultimate footwear for all day and night comfort and style. Gorgeous with jeans or woolly tights.

Down time

NEW LOOK: Brown Leopard Print Joggers £17.99

If getting home is synonymous with putting on comfies, these would be a trendy addition to your collection.

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