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Pure Natural Organic Beauty Products And a Quest For Cancer

Pure Natural Organic Beauty Products And a Quest For Cancer

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There is an increasing awareness arising from amidst the lies and deceit that surround us. Politics, the food industry, big corporate companies all hide corrupt operations, thinly veiled in pretty marketing campaigns and clever PR.

As a result we have become cynical and suspicious of things, not least the labeling on our beauty products.

What are Siloxanes anyway? They're used to give your skin that "dewy" effect; but did you know that they're also disrupting your endocrine system and are toxic for the reproductive organs? These are the harmful side effects that the beauty industry neglects to inform us of when we're busy buying products.

The tide is turning though, thanks to a growing number of product houses that are born from a genuine desire to implement positive change.

One prime example, is Made For Life Organics; the first UK skincare company to achieve 100% organic certification from the Soil Association 10 years a go.

The founder, Amanda Winwood, believes that to be whole and healthy you must try to live in harmony with the planet, including what you put into your body in the form of beauty products.

Amanda Winwood, founder and MD of Made For Life Organics and The Made For Life Foundation

This is the ethos that the Made For Life brand was built upon and remains true to; producing a skincare range that uses only 100% organic herbs and plants, which have been specially formulated and blended to work in harmony with your skin and the environment.

These core values have now been extended into the Made For Life Foundation, which was set up to support people going through cancer. The work they do centres on Cancer Touch Therapy training for spa therapists, so they are able to perform treatments on people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

As it stands, people are routinely turned away due to a lack of knowledge about how treatments can affect cancer. With some simple techniques and using the right products (100% natural and organic), the people who are most in need of a spa experience will receive the care they deserve.

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