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Pride Month: What Does It Mean? How Can You Get Involved?

Pride Month: What Does It Mean? How Can You Get Involved?

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Pride month

What is Pride Month?

Throughout the month of June, every year, the LGBT community commemorates in a various different ways. Around the world, certain events are held as a method of giving recognition to the influence that LGBT people have had all over the world. Why was June selected? Because it was when the Riots of Stonewall occurred all the way back in 1969.

How can we celebrate it?

1. Learn it's history.

Whether you visit a museum, pick up a book or watch a documentary, there's just so many resources for learning something you hadn't known before about Pride Month and the history of LGBT.

For instance, June wasn't randomly selected to be the month in which LGBT Pride gets celebrated. The Stonewall Riots that a lot perceive as being the start of the modern LGBT movement began in early hours of June 28th, 1969. It's the reason why the LGBT community fly their flags in June.

2. Show support towards your local LGBT youth centres.

These centres of which are frequently underfunded are safe havens for youth of whom are coming of age with a queer identity. But no, don’t assume that the kind of “support” we are referring to is handing over money (though, donations do make a big difference). Queer youth can also be supported by volunteering your skills or time. Use your creativity and make a big difference to kids that could use some extra love and support.

Unsure about where the nearest centre is located? Use this handy locator to find out.

3. Take your focus beyond marriage equality.

Marriage equality is something that every member of society should be rooting for, but mainstream conversation concerning LGBT issues always appears to begin and end with talk about marriage.

Issues deserving of a substantial amount of attention include LGBT youth homelessness and the alarming murder rates of transgender women of colour. There's so much that is neglected that needs to be fought for. 

5. Show support to LGBT culture and art.

Rather than thoughtlessly turning up Lady Gaga and Britney Spears this month, contemplate seeking out queer, unrecognised artists that need to be brought into the radar. 

Is spoken word what you adore? Try Andrea Gibson. Prefer the rapping scene? Listen to Cakes Da Killa. A little bit of a cynicist when it comes to art? Take a glance at Deborah Wheeler.

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