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Pooches At The Poll: Dogs At Polling Stations

Pooches At The Poll: Dogs At Polling Stations

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Ever since before the parliamentary democracy, dogs have waited loyally for Brits, so it's hardly surprising that they accompany voters to polling stations! Posting doggy pics has become ever so popular on social media in recent years, yesterday Twitter was bombarded with #DogsatPollingStations, and now we're adding to the buzz. Here's a few of the cutest poll dogs we've come across so far!

Why so forlorn? Your owner is making a difference to our country, for the better, we hope.
Brown dog at poll station
One dog is looking glad that his Dad has performed his civic duty!
Serious dog at polling station
This shot-angle makes this pup look like an oh-so-serious public figure.
Happy Dog
Polling station? No better place to be.
Dogs at polling station
After 2 minutes of owner being in polling station: "Mummyy come back, don't abandon us!?!"

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