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Politicians Not Invited To Royal Wedding

Politicians Not Invited To Royal Wedding

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Image courtesy of the BBC.

Jeremy Corbyn or Theresa May are not invited to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The US President Donald Trump was not invited due to their decision against having an "official list" of political leaders in attendance.

Apparently this is due to the church's size and the prospect that Prince Harry is only fifth in line to the throne.

It has additionally been verified that Michelle and Barack Obama, in spite of being friends with the prince, are not invited.

Contained in the 1,200 public members of whom will be permitted into Windsor Castle's grounds on 19 May, will be a 12-year-old girl injured in the attack that occured in Manchester Arena.

The girl from Dronfield Woodhouse, near Sheffield, Amelia Thompson, was left traumatised after seeing the bomb explode following the May '17 Ariana Grande concert. Her screams in terror also damaged her vocal cords.

The school girl will be accompanied by her grandmother Sharon Goodman, her plus one, whose grand-daughter Olivia Campbell-Hardy passed away during the bombing.

Kensington Palace have said that the choice to invite those with a close relationship with the couple and not "an official list of political leaders" was made in consultation with the government.

The wedding invitation list for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011, in contrast, reflected the groom's position as a monarch of the future, which incorporated ambassadors, senior religious figures, many politicians from around the world, foreign royals and commonwealth governors-generals.

Among the politicians of whom attended, were the deputy PM Nick Clegg, Labour leader Ed Miliband, and the Prime Minister of the time, David Cameron.

The President of the time, Barack Obama, was not a guest, though New Zealand PM John Key and the Australian PM Julia Gillard were among the leaders from countries of the Commonwealth that were invited

The wedding of Prince Harry is set to have a very different feel. In addition to being significantly smaller, a decision was made very early on to bring public members into the castle's grounds.

Upon the couple's request for individuals to be selected from a variety of ages and backgrounds, the regional Lord Lieutenant selected appropriate individuals.

These individuals include 14 year-old Reuben Litherland from Derby, upon recognition of his work for members in the deaf community.

"I opened the letter and I couldn't believe it... we danced around." said Reuben, of whom campaigns for deaf-friendly screenings at cinemas.

Pamela Anomneze, 52, from Haringey in north London, was also invited. She works at an organisation that supports those suffering from mental illness via art and crafts.

Initially wondering in the invite was an "April Foll's prank", the mother-of-three added that she thought it was "truly unbelievable".

According to the BBC, Anomneze intends to take her son Jude, 15, as a plus one as he "was down on his knees begging to go" and saying, "Oh mum, just to get a glimpse of Meghan Markle!"'

David Gregory, primary school teacher from Blyth, Northumberland, of whom has begun a STEM club and recycling initiative at his school, was also invited to the wedding.

Since the wedding marks his own anniversary, Gregory will attend the wedding in the suit he wore in his own wedding last May, since the following day marks his wedding anniversary.

The public members placed on the guest-list are encouraged to bring their own picnic to the castle grounds.

Birmingham-based social enterprise Miss Macaroon founder, Rosie Grinday, received an invitation due to the training that her business gives to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. She intends on bringing some of her own macaroons to the royal wedding as apart of her picnic.

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