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Planning An Autumn Wedding? Fall In Love With These DIY Ideas

Planning An Autumn Wedding? Fall In Love With These DIY Ideas

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With Autumn just around the corner, we thought we'd turn our attention to weddings being planned for the coming season. Autumn is a popular choice for couples tying the knot and you can well understand why; with it's cosy, nostalgic atmosphere, warm russet tones and rustic decor. Added to that, the stress of trying to predict the weather is somewhat lessened, as you prepare for it being cooler and less sunny anyway.

Autumn inspired ideas for things that you can make for the day are as plentiful as they are delightful.

We delved into the wedding planner's secret weapon, Pinterest, to search for our favourite DIY ideas;

1. Apple tea light holders

These table decorations are cheap and easy to make and will set the mood of a candlelit dinner for all of your guests.

2. Log pile seating plan

With each table represented by the end of a log with names written around the circumference, this is a visually pleasing and relatively cheap way to create a seating map for the sit down meal.

3. Gold spray-painted pegs

Using a peg stood up gripping a name card ticks the rustic box and doesn't require too much effort either. Gold spray paint gives these that wonderful autumn feel and looks rather posh too.

4. Pumpkins

These big, orange fruits are oh so evocative of the autumn season. They are versatile too and can be used in any number of ways; from cutting out names/dates/words and creating a lantern, to painting and filling with foliage as a centre piece for the table.

5. Hot chocolate

Who doesn't associate autumn with sipping mugs of hot chocolate in a cosy cafe somewhere? Well this magic can be brought to your wedding with the addition of a hot chocolate bar. There are many ways you could implement this, but however you do it it's sure to be a big hit.

6. Messages written on leaves

Either 'save the date' or for people to leave messages of congratulations on the day, certain big leaves provide a suitably autumnal method of doing this. Gold liquid marker pens are suggested for this as not only will it look beautiful, it will show up and stay put.

7. Toffee Apples

This sticky delight will have everyone reminiscing of Bonfire night's as a child. They look so pretty too, especially adorned with loving labels. And, they don't eat up too much of the wedding day fund either.

8. Autumn tree guest book

As a way to recall everyone in attendance at your wedding and have something aesthetically pleasing for keepers, a guest book is recommended. Having a tree shape, with people attaching their names written on each leaf creates a stunning picture; as a keep-sake of your big day and as a reminder of all the people who shared it with you.

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