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Plan Your Trip: Tulip Season in The Netherlands

Plan Your Trip: Tulip Season in The Netherlands

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The fields of tulips that bloom in the Netherlands, from the end of March to the middle of May, provide a breath taking spectacle that is worth a trip to witness firsthand.

The sheer expanse of land that is blanketed in millions of tulip heads in every lurid shade imaginable is quite astounding. The perfect symmetry of the rows of flowers on the flat land also inspires awe.

Flying to Holland from the UK is relatively cheap and easy to do. It takes approximately an hour and a half to get to Amsterdam and travelling to other regions of the country is a simply a case of boarding a train at the airport.

Events to make a note of

When planning your trip, try to include these three attractions to ensure you experience this floral spectacle in the best possible way.

Flower parade

Image courtesy of the official Holland website

The flower parade will take place on April 13 2019 and showcases 20 floats and 30 cars all lavishly decorated with flowers. The combination of colour and scent from the bouquets will blow you away, not to mention witnessing a beautiful cultural tradition.

Flower markets

Image courtesy of the official Holland website

This floating flower market is known locally as the, Bloemenmarkt. It is a popular tourist attraction, with people eager to immerse themselves in the exquisite colour and fragrance of one of Holland's best exports.

Keukenhof garden

Image courtesy of the Keukenhof website

Roughly 40 km from the city centre, Keukenhof garden is a must-see in the spring when the tulips are in full bloom. Brimming with historical intrigue and the very best displays of horticulture, this is an attraction that won't disappoint.

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