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Pedal Power: Cycle To Work Day

Pedal Power: Cycle To Work Day

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Today marks the 7th year of Cycle to Work Day, which is an incentive to get people out of cars and onto bicycles for their daily commute to and from work. It's the biggest event of its kind and attracts thousands of enthusiastic cyclists, who take to the roads to promote the cycle commute. Bike shops also get involved with promotions on bicycles and accessories.

The aim it is to create awareness of the health benefits of regular cycling, which in turn decreases traffic (especially in cities) and is better for the environment.

Follow these tips for how to get started and stay safe on the roads;

1. INVEST in the necessary equipment and don't scrimp on safety. This is fundamental and cannot be stressed enough.

2. BUY and WEAR a decent helmet that fits your head properly. Get an experts advice for this as your brain is pretty important.

3. SAFETY FIRST, only ride a bike that is in FULL working order and is suitable for you.

4. BUY AND USE lights at all times, but especially when visibility is obscured in anyway.

5. PLAN YOUR ROUTE, so as make use of cycle paths and be aware that some roads are just not safe for cyclists.

6. LEARN THE HIGHWAY CODE and be conscientious of other road/path users. Don't fall foul of the 'bike mentally' so often seen on the roads and is what gives cyclists a bad name.

7. GET READY Once you have checked off everything above, then off you go! Remember to leave in good time and allow yourself recovery/changing time once you have arrived at work.

8. ENJOY the amazing buzz you get from the daily physical exertion and the fact that you are also saving money and the environment!

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