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Pebble Painting: Fun For Everyone!

Pebble Painting: Fun For Everyone!

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Pebble painting has become a popular pastime for parents entertaining kids, but also for the parents themselves! There is literally no limit to the creative ways that you decorate these beautiful seaside stones.

All you need to prepare is some paints (as many colours as you wish!), an assortment of brushes (small, hard-tipped ones for detail and bigger, flatter ones for block colour) along with some pebbles. Then it's just a case of getting everyone to join in; from 3-year-old Harry to 80-year-old Ivy. It can even be seen as a therapeutic practice, adapting your unique artistic flair to this small, smooth canvas derived from nature.

As mentioned, pebble painting is all about being creative, so literally anything goes! But take a look at a few of these classic designs to get the ball rolling...

The Ladybird

Under the sea

Funny faces and funky patterns

The Mandala

Decorative pieces

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