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Paint The Mood: Home Colour Ideas

Paint The Mood: Home Colour Ideas

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A lick of paint can bring a new lease of life to tired interiors and transform how you feel when occupying a space. For something that can have such a positive impact, it is relatively cheap and easy to implement.

With the vast selection of colour samples available and no way of knowing for sure how it will turn out; deciding on the right colour scheme can be stressful and fraught with indecision.

While people can advise you, no one is able to tell you what the perfect option is, because it's a case of personal preference and working with the space you have.

One useful point of reference, however, is the mood that certain colours evoke; which can be used as a rough guide for creating a desired atmosphere, or transforming how a space is used.


The colour green symbolises new life and the natural world. Historically, "the green room" is a place for performers to wait before going on stage, green used to calm the actor's nerves.

Painting the walls of a room green will enhance the tranquility of a soothing space, that is simultaneously vibrant and uplifting. Green is also connected to prosperity and productivity, whilst reducing anxiety, so is the perfect colour for an office space.


Blue can have a powerful sedative effect on the body; slowing down the breath and lowering metabolism. It works to calm and sooth minds and has a long history of being used in conjunction with trustworthiness, loyalty and corporate power.

This cooling effect can even turn icy cold in some instances and should be treated with some caution, especially in bedrooms and large rooms that are physically cold. With it's refreshing connotations of water and cleanliness, blue is a popular choice for bathrooms.


Yellow is associated with warmth and happiness. You feel instantly uplifted when bathed in the colour of sunshine and for this reason yellow is a hot favourite with people wanting to embolden a space.

Be careful not to overdo this cheerful tone, however, as it can easily look a bit tacky. Keep it fresh and simple in the kitchen, or in a hallway that needs brightening up.


Red denotes unbridled passion and intense emotions across the spectrum. It brings high energy to a space, but can quickly feel overpowering, so opting for red paint should be thoroughly considered in regards to the nature of the space. Red is cosy and warming, so lounge areas are well suited for this tempting yet temperamental tone.


White is a symbol of purity and innocence. It is also associated with pristine cleanliness and is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms. It can be used to perfectly offset other colours and design features and creates a feeling of expansiveness. It also makes spaces feel modern and fresh.


Purple is the colour of decadence, royalty and is also connected to spirituality. It's a rich, evocative colour that can easily miss the mark; however, when it's done right it can provide the perfect backdrop for an invigorating and inspiring space that is conducive of creative productivity.

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