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Packing For Holiday? 5 Things You Really Don't Need To Pack

Packing For Holiday? 5 Things You Really Don't Need To Pack

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Packing for holiday is a fine art. Be honest with yourself. Do you really need two full outfits for everyday of your trip? Take hand luggage only and take our advice on packing like a pro for a trimmed-down holiday checklist.

1. Toiletries

Think you need a full bottle of shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the shower? We don't. It's unlikely that you'll make it past baggage checks anyway with any item that's over 100m! Be ruthless and narrow down your must have shower products into tiny travel bottles. Save the argan hair mask for when you're at home.

2. Holiday reading

Holiday reading

Perhaps you have one fluffy romance novel that you've saved to read on you beach getaway - but there's no need to pack a library. Many hotels, even, have a selection of books or a mini library for their guests to browse away at. And with so many new and exciting things to do, you may struggle to get through two chapters, let alone two books.

3. Clothes you're not sure about


Of course you'll need a few things to wear, but be brutal. Ensure you try on everything before you leave so you know you like it and that it still fits. It's always possible that you had been dazzled when you went shopping and didn't purchase clothes that coordinated with the clothes you already had. It doesn't matter if it's the 134th time you've worn that blouse, no-one in Malaga will know.

4. Valuables


Even if you're staying in the fanciest fancy of five star hotels that has a 24 hour safe, plenty of security staff and a safe, that doesn't mean you're going to leave the locket your gran gave you or your wedding ring on the side of the pool, or on the tennis court you played at the day before. Leave anything of high economic or sentimental worth in the draw of your bedside table at home.

5. Hair straighteners

Hair Straighteners

They may be apart of your usual get-ready regime but during a sunny beach holiday, or any holiday for that matter that involves heat and humidity, they are completely pointless. Ditch the irons and embrace your curls or waves. It'll look way better, and more natural, coming out of the sea with a mane of unruly locks, than dead straight bangs.

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