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Our Favourite Organic Herbal Teas

Our Favourite Organic Herbal Teas

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The beauty of herbal teas is that they can be enjoyed throughout the day, with specific blends to suit the time and the mood.

Here is a selection of quality organic teas to help you through the day.


Pukka Supreme Matcha Green Tea Bags

Need a little boost to get you going in the mornings, then look no further than a green tea/matcha blend. Green tea alone will have bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but with added matcha to boot then you're looking at super human energy levels, without the crash you get with coffee.

Lunch Time

Health and Heather Organic Echinacea and Cranberry Tea

Echinacea is the darling herb of autumn, which can also be cold and flu season. Not if your immune system is on point. Start dosing up with this delicious tea and give your body's defence a tasty tea boost.


Pukka Detox Herbal Tea Bags

Pukka teas are just beauTEAful; made from the finest organic ingredients and in delightful packaging. It's a brand with a conscience too, so you can feel good when stocking up on your favourite blends. This detox tea is full of tummy loving fennel and cardamom, perfect for your after lunch cuppa

Night Time

Clipper Organic Sleep Easy Tea

Making a regular habit of sipping a cup of tea in the evening before is the best way for your body to know it's time to unwind. Obviously, you should avoid any caffeine, or herbs that provide a natural energy boost, and try special sleep tea blends instead. This example from Clipper Teas is one of the yummiest there is, with orange and other calming ingredients to effectively soothe you into sleep.

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