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Our Favourite Christmas Jumper For 2018

Our Favourite Christmas Jumper For 2018

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Christmas just wouldn't be the same without a special jumper to wear on the day; something seasonal, cosy and made to last.

This year, we embarked on a festive quest to find the best Christmas jumper for 2018; one that embodied our values, looked suitably attractive and was created with integrity.

After lengthy deliberation and some difficult decisions, we settled on a winner. We can now reveal, that what you see below is officially our favourite Christmas jumper of 2018.

Let us explain why.

Little Robin Redbreast

Credit: Joules Click Here to Buy Now

Robins hopping around the garden are a quintessential emblem of the festive season. The red feathers at their breast do well to catch the eye on a bleak, muted backdrop of winter's grey veil.

This jumper captures the joy of seeing that little splash of red brighten up the garden. It is also a reminder that the birds need us at this time of year, when food supplies are low and the temperatures drop. Make sure to keep your feeders topped up and fresh water available.

Made for life, not just for Christmas

We are all having to rethink certain aspects of how we live in the wake of shocking revelations regarding the future of this planet. Clothes are one example where the choices we make directly impacts on the environment.

No manufactured clothing is ever going to be 100 per cent eco-friendly, however distinctions do exist between brands and materials used. Joules makes a concerted effort to minimise any detrimental effects on the wider world and to give back where possible.

Added to that, clothes that are made well last longer and therefore buck the trend for disposable fashion.

The golden touches

Gold literally represents Christmas, in it's truest sense, being one of the gifts that the Three Wise Men carried from afar. Wearing it also makes you feel fabulously festive and was a big factor in us choosing this jumper.

We love how these minimal touches; with just one cuff dipped in gold and only a handful of robins adorned with tiny crowns. It's these subtle golden touches that catch the eye and create such allure.

So, there you have it. The best Christmas jumper for 2018, in our humble opinion. If you happen to share our views and wish to purchase this item, then here is the link to do so.

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