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Our Environment: 4 Ways You Can Make a Difference

Our Environment: 4 Ways You Can Make a Difference

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So innocuous sounding, just 1.5%, yet the consequences of this rise in the global temperature is catastrophic. We can already see the metaphorical, and in this case literal, storm clouds gathering on the horizon for what will be the perfect storm; destroying life as we know it and potentially wiping out the human race.

Cheerful stuff. But worry not, because for one, it will not make one iota of difference and secondly, instead of wasting pointless energy worrying, put your efforts into making these small changes to the way you live your life.

The way you wash

We use cleaning products everywhere; from our bodies, to our clothes to washing up the dishes every day. Just think how much of this is being washed away down our plug holes and drainage pipes. Much of the cleaning products we use contain harmful amounts of toxic chemicals.

Just notice the hazard symbols next time you're descaling the bathroom, or popping detergent capsules into the washing machine. All of these end up in the environment, killing living things and wreaking havoc on eco-systems.

Alternative products that are kinder to the environment are available in almost all major stores. You can easily replace harsh bleach-based formulas with eco-friendly brands, such as the one pictured below.

Not only will you be doing your bit for the environment, but you also reduce the amount of harmful toxins around your home and your family.

The way you dress

Fast fashion is a symptom of the modern day experience, where life is on permanent fast forward mode. Things are instant, or not at all; we will not be expected to wait. This finger-snapping culture we have created is sapping the life from our planet.

Developing more of a fashion 'conscience' is one way to effectively stop being a negative impact on the world. Buy clothes from sustainable brands and invest in items that will last a long time. Donate clothing that you no longer need (providing it is in good condition) to charity shops, and while you're there have a look for yourself.

Be mindful of the contents of your wardrobe and try to see beyond the flashy labels and shop-fresh fabrics to a wider story. Ask yourself, what is the journey behind what you are buying; was it made in a sweatshop? Has it been transported halfway around the globe? Where is it destined for once you've had your use with it?

The way you travel

Transportation is a direct reflection of our progression as a species. It is also asphyxiating the environment. Go fume-free as much as you can by cycling and walking instead.

The beauty of all of these suggested ways to prevent damage to the environment, is that they also benefit you and your wellbeing. In this example, it's your fitness and general health that will improve.

The way you eat

All of the evidence points to the fact that industrial scale farming is unsustainable and is one of the most detrimental factors to the future of the planet. Do you know the origins of all of the meat that you and your family are consuming? In most cases it's impossible to know.

What you can be sure of, however, is that if your meal is predominantly plant-based, preferably organic and produced locally, then you are contributing to a more sustainable future. You are also contributing to your own personal health insurance. How much fresher does that dish taste now?

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