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Organic Options For a Less Toxic 'Time Of The Month'

Organic Options For a Less Toxic 'Time Of The Month'

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A fairly intimate item by anyone's standards, and one that pretty much all women will require at some stage of their lives; if not every month for a large proportion of their lives. Yet, how many of us have really considered the products that we're using?

Nowadays, our awareness of the toxicity levels in the things that we eat, wear, put on our skin is increasing rapidly; and with that is the growing shift towards purchasing products that are organic and produced in a way that helps to protect the environment.

For Organic September we are looking at a wide range of options for improving our consumer habits and eliminating harsh chemicals and heavy metals from our lives as much as possible.

Sanitary products are no exception and given their purpose and where they are worn, it seems like one that we should all be taking seriously.

Organic cotton tampons

Brands like Yoppie (pictured above) and Natra Care are leading the way when it comes to organic sanitary products. Made with 100% organic cotton, 100% fragrance-free and 100% biodegradable; means that we can be 100% happy when using them.

Organic sanitary pads

Brands like Rael are a really good example of an all natural sanitary pad; providing maximum protection for you and the environment. The top sheet is made from certified organic cotton that is grown using ethical, climate friendly farming practices. Not only does it feel soft and natural for your skin; it has the even greater feel good factor, knowing that you've made yet another powerful change for the good of the planet.

Period pants

Feel the snug satisfaction of knowing that your underwear is designed for what your body actually needs, not for some uncomfortable aesthetic ideal. The fact that this is even a thing, says a lot about our society and it's values. But, things are slowly changing which is the main point and what we should focus on. So, here we have period pants produced by the amazing Modibodi brand, which have adapted underwear that is suited for use around the time of menstruation. Revolutionary, even if it is a century late.

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