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Organic Clothing Brands We Love

Organic Clothing Brands We Love

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With it being Organic September, we thought we would showcase how some of the most ethical fashion brands are adopting organic fabrics into their designs.

Organic is about so much more than what you eat. Ditch the heavy metals and toxic chemicals in all areas of your life and let your skin breathe in natural, organic materials.

Here's to great design and a sustainable future for fashion;

Active Wear

Image Courtesy of Boody Eco Wear website

Boody Eco Wear is the ultimate feel good active wear, made from bamboo which is abundant and sustainable. Who else admits to wishing they could wear leggings all of the time, well Boody have a pair that cater for just that.


Image Courtesy of People Tree website

People Tree are strong advocates of organic cotton, especially for sensitive areas. That's why we love the underwear range they do; which is deliciously comfortable, whilst also bringing a touch of pretty to the table.


Image courtesy of Po-zo website

Po-zo shoes are not only incredibly functional and comfortable, but are also made using organic fabrics. Yes, yes and YES! We'll take these. Have a look at the website and be sure to feel the yearning for more than one pair produced by this delightfully ethical and fashion conscious brand.

Organic Denim

Image courtesy of Thought Fashion website

Think denim, think Thought Fashion. These noble ambassadors of the organic cotton trade are one's to support; not only for a good cause, but for good fashion sense too.

Everyday wear

Image Courtesy of Vildnis website

Love a good pun and eco-friendly fashion combined, then look no further than Vildnis. The items sold here are so comfy and casual that you'll be wanting to wear them day in, day out.


Image courtesy of Thought Fashion website

Sustainable clothing isn't usually related to dressing smartly... Or, so that was the case. Thought Fashion has bridged the gap between eco-friendly and office attire with a stylish range that will ensure you look elegant, both at work and at evening events.

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