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One Tray Wonder: Veggie Recipes You'll Love
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One Tray Wonder: Veggie Recipes You'll Love

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With it being World Vegetarian Day we thought we would compile our favourite veggie dishes, that can be rustled in one tray. Simple, nutritious and absolutely delicious!

Roast roots with goat’s cheese & spinach

Credit: BBC good food

This has all the colour and yumminess you could want in one tray! Lovely, chunky autumn veg, with aromatic thyme offset by the smooth, tangy Greek cheese.

Vegan one pot creamy mushroom pasta

Image courtesy of the Delicious Everyday website

The creamy spaghetti in this dish is enough to get the mouthwatering. Especially, with it being 100% vegan! This is the kind of dish you daydream about having for your tea on grey, rainy days.

One pot Mexican quinoa

Image courtesy of the Tasty website

This is perfect for a packed lunch that packs a nutritional punch and is substantial enough to satisfy your hunger. Quinoa is a superfood; packed full of protein and one of the few plants that contains all nine essential amino acids.

Spicy baked eggs with tomatoes and chickpeas

Image courtesy of delicious. magazine website

Eggs, chickpeas and spinach all baked in a tomatoey sauce with a chilli kick to fire up the digestion. This is the kind of food that makes eating healthy the best thing ever!

Spinach, sweet potato & lentil dhal

Image courtesy of BBC Good Food website

If you haven't made dahl before, then you're in for a pleasant surprise! This variation of this delicious spicy lentil dish is as heartwarming as it is satisfying.

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