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One in 25 children Aged 10 or 11 are 'Severely Obese'

One in 25 children Aged 10 or 11 are 'Severely Obese'

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A new analysis has found that one in 25 children in England aged between 10 and 11 suffer from severe obesity.
Height and weight measurements indicate how the quantity of children that have been classed as seriously overweight escalated from 15,000 in reception to 22,000 by the time they get out of primary school.

The Association for Local Government that performed an analysis on Public Health England figures, said that action was needed urgently.

The government had insisted that its childhood obesity plan was most "comprehensive".

When they begin and leave primary school, the height and weight of every child in England is measured. This is completed under the government's national child measurement programme.

2016-17 figures indicate that for children in reception between the ages of four and five, around 1 in 40 (15,000 of 629,000), were categorised as suffering from extreme obesity.

Setting limits

We're all for healthy-living. In fact it's one of the primary things that we endorse here at Atmo. A healthier life generally leads to a happier, more productive and more stress-free life. But this doesn't mean that you should cut out the slightly less healthier foods that you enjoy completely. Living healthily doesn't mean living on carrot sticks, tofu and kale smoothies. 

Let's take a look at chocolate. 

There are very few people that don't enjoy nibbling on a bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk, and whilst the treat has been extensively associated with health conditions including diabetescoronary heart disease, and hypertension, we should not ignore it's benefits. It's believed that chocolate contains high levels of antioxidants. Certain studies have said that chocolate might reduce levels of cholesterol and inhibit decline in memory.

Also, Fried breakfasts.

The fatty traditional British fry-up that health experts tell us to avoid? Yeah, certain scientific findings tell us that a Fried breakfast is one of the healthiest ways to start the day.

This is why one of our motto's is: everything in moderation.

And if there's ever a time when you feel like you've munched a few too many biscuits; pigged out a little too much on the chocolate cake at your friend's birthday party, or have been having way too much sugar with your tea lately, there's no reason to feel like your waistline is in jeopardy. Why, all you need to do is add an extra run, spin class or yoga session into your weekly schedule. As long as you're burning off the calories, there's always some leeway for a few sweet indulgences along the way, alright?

So, you heard us, book that Pilates class you've been contemplating so you can savour those chocolate buttons - guilt-free!

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