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On-the-rise: The Escape Room

On-the-rise: The Escape Room

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Seeking to enhance their staff's communication, problem-solving skills and ability to work under pressure, more and more companies are taking to escape rooms, a speedily growing team-building game. We here at Atmo recently had the experience of going to one, and I, (being on the winning team and all), would like to share with you a few tips of how you can beat your opposing team to the clock.

Don't just talk, think.

Yes, this might seem like an obvious point, but when I was chatting to a member of staff from the team that lost to us, I learnt that one of the things that set them back was inefficient communication. A lot of talk, but no do. She described each member of her team as being brimming with promising ideas about how to find the next clue, but that this ultimately led to time being wasted. This leads me on to my next point...


And by listen, I don't mean listen just to respond to your team member, or endlessly listen to each other's endless brainstorming, if it's their stream-of-consciousness', I mean. Rather, I suggest that you spend your time mentally problem-solving, testing out your revelations, and then, flagging it up to your team mates. Babbling may feel productive, but if it's just observational talk, then you are just wasting your team's precious time. If you don't have anything [productive] to say, then don't say anything at all. Instead, listen and set your mind to completing any mini-challenges that your teammates figure out.

Have fun!

Obviously thinking-on-your-feet and getting your head truly in the game is a big part of surviving an escape room, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying yourself and having a blast with your colleagues! Of course, team-building is not just about strengthening your skills, it's also about strengthening your relationships. So don't take it too seriously, and enjoy the ride.

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